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About Sandler Training in the Heart of England

Through weekly communication training at the Heart of England Training center, you’ll benefit from:

  • An environment that keeps you focused
  • Objective sounding boards on how to move through conversations
  • Ways of recognising other people’s communication styles (and, therefore, buying process)
  • Support in keeping you accountable for your stated goals (both personal and professional)
  • Gaining the confidence to have intentionally guided conversations
  • Positive interactions with other individuals looking to increase their own opportunities

Dedicated to your success

Meet Nigel Dunand

With a background in engineering and many years spent in Industrial Automation, Nigel was frustrated with the lack of predictability of the sales and business development process. When Nigel stumbled across the Sandler concept, he knew the counter-intuitive, systematic process for selling would provide the predictable success for which he was looking for as an engineer.
His goal as a Sandler Trainer is to provide an alternative selling solution to the very traditional sales process in which the buyer and seller become entrenched in a power struggle. 
Nigel works with open minded, committed, and ambitious business people to implement this proven methodology into their world.

visit our training centre

Comfortable Training Room

Our training centre is located at:
Innovation Centre 1 Devon Way
Birmingham, B31 2TS
T: 0121 222 5590 |

It is perfect for your weekly training and bootcamps.