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Sales Process

Close the Sale or Close the file!

Join me at the National Metalforming Centre, on Thursday 5th July, for two workshops in one day! In the morning we'll be working on how you can break the rules and win more business and in the afternoon, the focus is strategic customer care. These events are being held in association with the CBM.

What you say after "hello" can make a real difference to the success of a meeting.

Join me at B2B Network Hub at Basepoint Bromsgrove on Tuesday 29th May 2018 at 11:30 to learn how to maximise those first, highly important five minutes of meeting. I'll be presenting alongside Julie Bullock, Centre Manager of B2B Basepoint Bromsgrove.


Do you feel you’re communicating effectively in your sales interactions?

You’re meeting with a prospect. You’ve asked all the appropriate questions to uncover the prospect’s problem, concerns, desires, goals, and expectations. After fully analysing the situation, you announce with no hesitation whatsoever, “No problem. I have exactly what you need.”Add a little drama

Does the prospect gasp a sigh of relief, utter under his breath, “Thank goodness,” and pull a purchase order from the drawer? Perhaps in Grimm’s version of the story, but not in the real world.


These 10 blunders are addressed through the best selling Sandler Rules ( available at Amazon UK or our Training Centre in Longbridge Birmingham) and the solutions to these errors are reinforced regularly at the 225 Sandler Training centers located throughout the world.

Now summer is underway, millions of workers across the UK will be counting the days until they can jet off for their summer holiday. But instead of switching off, many of these holiday-makers will actually be planning the launch of their own business.

If you are getting objections in your sales conversations, you’re doing something wrong

November 2014

October 2014

Sales need not be different to manufacturing. Build a process, commit to the actions, fine-tune, and you can forecast the outcome.

“85% of my quotations are eventually scrapped. If my production line was that inefficient, I’d scrap it!”

A sales template is defined as the step by step set of interactions you want your prospect to go through because it will give you a clear competitive advantage or otherwise increase the chances of you winning the business. An efficient sale system enables you to consistently achieve a desired outcome or set of outcomes without wasting time, energy, money etc. The most effective sales templates are basic enough to accommodate for change (focused on each stage of the sales meeting).