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“I spend 5% of my time recruiting, and 80% of my time dealing with the consequences of poor recruitment!”

I'm delighted to be joining #NatWestBoost to give a workshop on Tuesday 23rd January, about steps a business can take to help hire the right talent to work in your business.

This talk is an opportunity for managing directors, business owners and sales directors to take a look at their hiring process from a different perspective.

Many businesses tend to hire when they “need” someone. They interview some one who “needs” a job, encouraged by a recruiter who “needs” a sale. They tend to hire fast…and fire slow.

Gain insights into how you can create a hiring process that will effectively and efficiently guard against bad hires. A “hire slow, and fire fast” process.

- Frustrated at hiring people who interview well, but fail to live up to the promise?
- Struggle to find the right candidates?
- Annoyed at how much time energy and effort money you might be wasting on bad hires?
- Unsure of how to identify a technically qualified sales candidate who can really sell?

Find out :

- Why it takes at least 3 questions to get to the truth in an interview
- Why you should hire on attitude and behaviour, rather than experience and skill
- Why you should always be hiring. Why wait until you have a need?

We will share with you some techniques, mind-sets and best practices of companies that succeed in hiring the talent you want.

Places are limited, book early to avoid disappointment!

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