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What you say after "hello" can make a real difference to the success of a meeting.

Join me at B2B Network Hub at Basepoint Bromsgrove on Tuesday 29th May 2018 at 11:30 to learn how to maximise those first, highly important five minutes of meeting. I'll be presenting alongside Julie Bullock, Centre Manager of B2B Basepoint Bromsgrove.

Do you plan your meetings or do you “wing-it”?

A common mistake that many sales people, or enthusiastic business business owners make, is that are so focussed on what they are going to say and do in the middle part of the meeting ( often a presentation of some sort), they forget that all this effort can be wasted if we don’t get the first few minutes right.

It’s one of the most common reasons why we can have meetings that “go well” but, don’t result in any concrete outcome. The wishy-washy, feel good, outcomes such as “that’s great, let’s stay in touch”, “ great, send me a proposal” , “ fantastic, let me think about this/ take it to the board” which most often actually land us in chase mode. We have nothing. Not firm date in the diary, no “yes- how do I place an order”. Not even a time saving “no”. No referral, and no “lesson learned” that might help us with the next opportunity.
We are instead, caught up in the “buyer/seller dance”.

One way to avoid this is to spend a few minutes creating a pre-meeting plan. There are 5 key parts to this. Here are four of them.

  1. What’s the purpose of the meeting?
  2. What is the minimum acceptable outcome and what is a “home run”?
  3. What are three key questions I want to ask the prospect ..... including questions that will demonstrate my expertise?
  4. What are three questions I’m expecting them to ask, and how will I respond? And now, I can ask myself, how am I going to establish trust, and what is my upfront agreement going to be? I may even script out and practice this out aloud.

My prospect has gone to the trouble of meeting with me. I owe it to them to be prepared with a pre-meeting plan... and not to wing-it during the first 5 minutes.

For examples of great ways to start meetings, and the 5th key element of a pre call plan, come to the event!

Book your place today by calling 01527 834600 or by email to bromsgrove@basepoint.co.uk and feel free to bring a guest…the more the merrier. To find out more about B2B Basepoint visit the B2B Bromsgrove website. The presentation will be informal and includes a FREE light lunch as well as an opportunity to meet like-minded business leaders.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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