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Join me at the National Metalforming Centre for two exciting and insightful workshops!

9:15 - 12:30 Sales strategy workshop: Break the rules and win more business

Who should attend: Business owners, MDs, and sales directors

Why you should attend:

• Are you concerned that when you do win business, it sometimes turns into a battle over price?
• Do you get annoyed when a less qualified competitor wins business you know you deserve?
• Are you frustrated when prospects like what you say, but reply with “we’ll think about it”, or “not right now” which sometimes turns into a slow “No”?
• Are you or your people struggling to get enough appointments with ‘qualified’ prospects, despite investing in marketing and advertising?

Most people build their business using their own ‘sales’ system. It consists of common-sense, strong interpersonal skills, professional expertise, enthusiasm and self-belief. This talk explains the prospect’s system for buying, and suggests how our own system for ‘sales’ can be improved when we first understand the buyer and their system for buying.

About the talk: This talk is about you, your desire to achieve the success that you know you deserve, and overcoming the sales frustrations that can get in the way. It is not about Sandler Training and nothing is for sale on the day.

To find out more and book your place click here.


12:30 - 15:00 Strategic Customer Care Workshop: Business tactics for frontline employees

What are our expectations of people on the frontline? We’re asking them to make outgoing calls, cross-sell and up-sell along with the expectation of higher service levels. But are we preparing them to do these tasks well, or are we setting them up for failure?

Why you should attend:
Are you maximising your inside business development efforts?

• Do your customer service and inside salespeople have the skills and confidence to recognize a business opportunity?
• Do they too often provide “free consulting” and give out free information to people “shopping around”?
• Do they lack the questioning and qualifying skills to get to the heart of the prospect’s needs?
• Have you ever cringed listening to what your inside people say to prospects on the phone?
• Is there more business available, but sales are often missed?

About the talk: This talk is about you, your desire to achieve the success that you know you deserve, and overcoming the customer service frustrations that can get in the way.

To register for the workshop or for further info click here.




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