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Build a team of world class salespeople

Master the skills to build and lead a team of A-player salespeople using the patented Sandler Selling System

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Take control of your sales and business success

The Sales Management programme is used by the world's most successful and ambitious leaders to create thriving and profitable sales teams . . .
. . . and 
successfully navigate today's toughest management challenges:

  • Finding and keeping the best salespeople
  • Maximising the performance of every person
  • Strategies for pre-call planning and debriefing
  • Running productive sales meetings

"I'd had a moderate degree of success running at an order rate of £1.5m per year. Today, I'm looking at more like £3.1m"

Carey Windeatt


Sandler Management enables your team to...

  • More easily strategise sales calls
  • Save time by qualifying or disqualifying opportunities early
  • Maintain control over the sales process
  • Recognise problems before they become roadblocks, stalls or objections
  • Focus energy on the most profitable activities

"Sandler helped us remodel our sales function. We set the goal of being the number-one reseller in the U.K. for small and medium businesses, and we achieved that. In terms of results and outcomes, it's an astonishing story."

Ben Gower, Perspicuity

The journey to long-term management success

Growing sales can be challenging, especially in today's global market with highly self-educated prospects.

Whether you are managing a team or closing business, there are hundreds of potential pitfalls including self-limiting beliefs, challenging prospects, the marketplace, and of course, your competition.

More than one million sales and management professionals have completed Sandler programmes on their journey to personal and professional success.

Trusted by over 50k+ companies worldwide

The Sandler Management programme is a long-term, multi-year reinforcement programme designed to help leaders and managers build thriving sales teams around the Sandler Selling System concepts.

It supports the learning and application of core Sandler concepts from recruiting, hiring and onboarding to motivating, compensating and supporting a successful team.