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Selling more just got way easier...

Discover a step-by-step system to kick-start 10% to 25% revenue growth within 90 days and scale to 7- or 8-figures sustainably and profitably . . . (without added stress, extra work or longer hours)

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Does this sound like you?

You're a successful professional with ambitious goals for the future...

  • Owner, director or C-Suite executive
  • Sales manager, director or leader
  • Salesperson, SDR, BDR or account executive
  • Marketer, commercial officer or revenue chief
  • Business consultant or executive performance coach
  • Professional advisor or IFA

You're doing well but frustrated by some aspect of...

  • Sales, revenue or commercial performance
  • Prospecting or new business development
  • Closing, discounting or tendering
  • Sales management & leadership
  • Long-term sales & growth strategy
  • Account management or customer care strategy & execution

You're open-minded to exploring new ways of achieving new heights of success...

  • Assessments & performance benchmarking
  • Live in-person classroom (& online) training
  • 24/7 online video learning programmes
  • Goal-setting & accountability
  • Group & one-to-one coaching
  • Bespoke consulting projects

Our clients achieve breakthrough results...

How Carey Windeatt went from £1.5m to £3.1m

How Ben Gower scaled from 15 customers to 1,300

The roadmap to revenue growth...

The Sandler Selling System is used by corporations, SMEs and start-ups around the world, including big names like Linkedin, Google, IBM, Citi Group, Indeed, Dropbox, British Airways, Sage, Oracle and more...

It gives owners, directors, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs a step-by-step formula for kick-starting and sustaining profitable growth without added stress, longer hours or high-pressure sales tactics.

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Or want a step-by-step Sales Accelerator mini-course?

Get step-by-step insights into dramatically improving your sales performance with a mini-course inspired by the hit sales book You Can't Teach A Kid To Ride A Bike At A Seminar by David Sandler and David Mattson.

The mini-course gives you a daily sales insight, with practical lessons you can apply no matter what industry or type of sales role you work in.

  • Proven and actionable sales concepts & strategies delivered to your inbox daily
  • A cheatsheet of 125 Killer Sales Questions for any stage of the sales process
  • In-depth analysis of concepts and techniques from the world's most successful salespeople

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